A look At Tweet’s New Album “Charlene”

 American soul singer Tweet born Charlene Keys is back with a new album “Charlene”.

This is the artiste’s first album in over a decade and among the most anticipated releases.

Tweet’s career has not been rosy, the singer has suffered a number of setbacks which made her contemplate quitting music, but the release of the new album is wonderful news to her fans. Tweet tweeted about how excited she is with the new project which is her third studio album. The album features Timbaland and Missy Elliot.

The album from the artiste described as one of the best voices of her generation, was released under independent label eOne Entertainment. The album leans towards acoustic soul; her undistinguished vocals prove that Tweet is still the amazing singer she has always been. 

Tweet’s fans will definitely relate to the new works from the artist, she has not lost her taste for that deep r&b and soul groove, nothing plastic about the album. The former member of the group Sugah which never released an album, teams up with her mates Timbaland and Missy Elliot on “Somebody Else Will”, Missy brings her rap to this chirpy beat track produced by Timbaland himself. The 15-track album lead single is called “Won’t Hurt Me”.  “Priceless “, “Magic”, “Never Shoulda Left Ya” and the powerful “I Was Created For This” are some of the tracks off the album that expose the true Tweet as she paints what I could say is related to her personal experience on this album. The album revolves around relationships and life struggles.

*For Tweet Fans, the artiste’s third album will not disappoint.

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