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Abbas Kubaff, Kaligraph Jones & Wakadinali Heat Up The ‘High Noon’

To listen to ‘High Noon’ is to hear how some of Kenya’s best rap artists have their best moments on the mic with a laid back luster beat, bullish, moments of self-embellishment, clever metaphors, street expressions, struggles of life, grandiose dreams and blunts to cater; as Wakadinali’s Munga Domani fashions what he is has come to be known of, not just as an MC but also a great hook crafter.

The latest release presented by Zoza Nation sees legendary rapper Abbas Kubaff kick off the scheme with reticent but brazen raps as usual, kind off a cruise over 60km/h experience, he stitches his rhymes on film characters atop productions by Ares 66, the Kaligraph straddles in, making it clear where he has come from, with a little message from the tough-guy and a caution for the snitches yet making it known that he is not out to let it roll in this life hustle.

Wakadinali’s Scar comes off with his ever hungry, cautionary and self-aware rhymes, ‘So my brother enjoy your days juu tushajua vile itaisha either in jail or dead/ the radio don’t play me, so I play my way/ anyway my father told me no pain no gain/ he makes it clear that he’s never giving up on music, with a self-declaration that no matter what comes he’s lived his life. His Wakadinali-Mate Domani closes the pattern, with his animated rhymes, raggedy and uncovered, he ropes in those with cossetted senses with dramatic and straightforward writing as he takes the punisher’s form with certain effect referencing the zombie apocalypse.

‘High Noon’ picks off from Wakadinali duo’s ‘Morio Anzenza’ released a little over a month ago and featured budding act Dyna Cods.

Check out the song below:


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