Africa’s revered writer Elechi Amadi dies

“The Cocubine” writer and one of Africa’s greatest literary minds Elechi Amadi has passed on.

Amadi died at Good Heart hospital in Port Harcourt at the age of 82.

Some of the Nigerian poet and novelist’s works include: The Great Ponds, Isiburu, Sunset in Biafra, Dance of Johannesburg, Peppersoup, The Road to Ibadan, The Slave, Estrangement and the Women of Calaber. In 2014 he released a souvenir edition of his top plays Isiburu to mark his 80th birthday. His novel “The Concubine” has been described as “an outstanding work of pure fiction” The iconic figure’s writings were generally based on African customs.

Amadi served in the Nigerian Army and retired at the rank of captain. He was born in 1934.

He was a holder of a degree in Physics and Mathematics from University of Ibadan, other honors bestowed upon him were, Member of the Order of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Education with a doctorate degree from University of Port Harcourt.

Elechi Amadi shared with many his creative genius throughout Africa and beyond inspiring many politically, socially and otherwise, acts that made him a respected figure to those who knew him in person or through his work.

Many took to social media to celebrate the writer’s legacy describing him as one of the best African minds. Various leaders in Nigeria and global literary circles paid tribute the African greatest creative genius.

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