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Akai Unveils Free Music-making Software For Beginners Dubbed ‘MPC Beats’

Akai Pro has announced a new one of its kind music production software that targets beginners with a knack for making music and exploring different sounds. The streamlined digital audio workstation (DAW) has been christened Akai Beats.

Though the company’s brand is synonymous with its top-range production gear like the MPC series, has always had its own software integrated with some of their high-end MPCs, and other desktop software similar to the popular Logic Pro and FL Studio albeit at a cost. However, their latest introduction will be available for free for any music head out there trying to be creative with beats.

The MPC Beats has all the essentials that you would need to start making beats from drum samples, loops, MPC Plugins, and more. The MPC Beats comes with 2GB of sample sounds to get you started and rather specifically provides access to a range of features; virtual synths (Bassline, Tubesynth, and Electric) and around 80 effects plugins.

MPC Beats also works with third-party Virtual Studio Technology and can also take the form of a plugin in most existing Digital Audio Workstations and also supports other controllers like Native Instruments, Korg, and Novation among others.

MPC Beats, however, is limited to just two audio tracks and offers only eight MIDI/Instruments tracks. Though limited, the software which is more of a skeleton of its premium products is a perfect free product for beginners as touted.

You can download the music here:


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