Album Review \\ Muthoni Drummer Queen’s ‘SHE’

Kenyan artist Muthoni Drummer Queen ventures into new spaces and genres while remaining catchy and radio friendly with her latest album.

Muthoni Drummer Queen embodies 2018’s Afropop Queen – an out of the box thinker and entrepreneur, witnessed by how she chose to release her 3rd studio album on March 2nd. Through a full day radio concert broadcast live on Homeboyz Radio (something never done before in the country), and capping it off with a TV interview into the late night on the same day. If that is not putting in hard work, I don’t know what is.

If there is new ground to be broken musically, she is that girl. She knows no boundaries. Her body of work is almost genius, a breath of fresh air for the airwaves. She ventures into new spaces and genres while remaining catchy and radio friendly.

The album ”She” has a lot of replay value with damn near all the songs being irresistible. Suzie Noma, the lead single, was an indication of the gems in the album. The poetic interlude that is Dear Mathilde is a work of art, something all aspiring goddesses must hear. The soulful songstress gets daring in Lover as she tells the story of an unapologetic Kenyan transgender. She then switches to funk and retro soul in No More. And just when you think she couldn’t possibly have any other cards up her sleeve, you are rudely surprised by the reggae-ton Island vibes and her Swahili rapping in Criminal. You are doing a grave injustice if you haven’t copped yourself a listen to the album.

I was a mere fan before but I am definitely on my way to a full blown stan now. What’s the name of her hive anybody?

Full Track List:

1.     Million Voice

2.     Kenyan Voice

3.     Suzie Noma

4.     Lover

5.     Dear Mathilde

6.     Caged Bird

7.     No More

8.     Criminal

9.     Squad Up

10. Time Bomb

11. Elevate

12. Make It Right


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