Album Review: Redman -Mudface, The 8th Studio Release

Reggie Redman Noble brings the bars again on this album; the album features new cats Ready Roc, StressMatic of Federation, Josh Gannet, and Runt Dog.

At 45 Eminem’s favorite rapper is still a force to reckon with, has never misplaced his skills and would floor many of these MCs.

Mudface is a 13-track album, 34 minutes, kind of the shortest project I have heard of late, Redman plays around with punchlines in his classic style making references to movies, athletes, clothing lines and movie stars in the most excellent of way. Redman is having fun on this album recalling the 90s era and would definitely appeal to his long term fans.

Hands down to Red on ‘Bars’ the track has extreme rhyme schemes and bars to get you drunk; ‘I tell my bitch be easy like you straight outta Compton’, Like OJ let me take a stab at it/ Inhale like asthmatics/The chiropractor Redman, I’m back at it/My sawed off by the bed, it’s a craft-matic/The size of a Subway sandwich, ask Jared, and /I don’t be up in the trap tryna write raps/ Just to say I’m in the trap and made it off rap, Redman’s skills are also prominent on ‘Wus Really Hood’. ‘Dopeman ‘is a track with well crafted hilarious lyrics and features StressMatic.

The veteran rapper’s album was released under Gilla House Records.

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