Album Review: Zakes Bantwini Love, Light & Music 2

Zakes Bantwini has released a new album….Well a little over 5 days ago, the project is titled Love, Light & Music 2, and already a number 1 best seller on South African music charts.

The South African singer and producer gave us a taste of what is contained in the album with the likes of: My No. 1 and to just put it out there, the tune told of a great project to come; and the new project is definitely a must listen and must have.

For those exposed to the music of this great artiste, you know the magic he brings to his music or any project he puts his hands on plus that lasting impact Zakes leaves on you with his game-changing releases, much like his previous work with a similar title.

The 12-track project, features the likes of the music icon Hugh Masekela on Dancing Trumpet, others; Refi, Nana Atta, Legato, Tellaman. The whole album bears incredible vocalism, improvisions, a great balance between live instrumentation, crafty EDMs fertility and a touch of his dance provoking themes that are a signature of Zakes’ music.

The artist who’s also made his name as an outstanding onstage performer and gifted dancer with a naughty side to boot, comes off as himself, and a daring character of his energies, refrains striding through soul, house, a ting of jazz and groovy melodies that would leave you vulnerable to vocals from the likes on Nana Atta on the first track All Around The World, just over 6 minutes trance.

My No. 1, that one love song you’ll hear full of praise for the woman, in his life, you would be right to conclude, the tune is guided by impressive horns, charming Latin music concept, and that not-so-quiet but noticeable African dash. Dancing Trumpet is an exceptional track, one would not miss to mention in a random conversation about the album or battle the urge to keep rewinding it, of course it does feature Bra Hugh Masekela, anyway that aside, the jazz and house connection on this track coupled with the vibrant and effortless scat-singing bring out that lively experience and glorious vocals, evoking thoughts of futuristic music concepts and a clear idea of how much work bore this great session.

Heaven on Earth on the other hand sinks us into that deep house, a charged dance tune, moments where the album lights up for that unified African jig moment, Zakes also does an inspiring job on Amantombazane remix, you have to picture him on stage here, not to drift, the bpms have been stepped up just a bit on this but not to divulge so much from the original piece, over 8 minutes that will have you zoned in the artists distinct moment, a well done remix, horns and that charming violin touch. Another signature Zakes born Zakhele Madida’s signature tune would be Rock With You, a party tune that sits as an example of the appreciation of the music and precisely the entire package, the single sort of sums up the title of the album as it draws towards the end.

Love Light & Music 2 is a musical gem, any criticism that would be levied on this project would be entirely up to you, Zakes does not try to re-introduce himself here, but he’s presenting himself and his talents in a neat album that would have your undivided attention.

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