‘Anatomy of Me’ opens 2017 doors to Kenya’s ArtSpace Gallery

The Artspace Gallery opened it’s 2017 calendar with an exhibition dubbed ‘Anatomy of Me.’ The Nairobi exhibition which opened on February 4 comprises of works by four young artists whose portraiture is a revelation of the human anatomy, signs and expressions.

Nduta Kariuki, Jonathan Solanke Fraser, Jabet Naava and Faith Wanjala showcased works that intoxicate the mind and exorcise the hidden in a way that one feels comfortable and willing to open up through their own composition a naked revelation of the songs of their body language, facial expressions and mind. The exhibition is perfectly arranged in tune with the sounds and flow of humanity. The picturesque placement and the photo slideshow blends the showcase into obscure rhythms of life revealing an unblemished transformation in the apparent differences in stories told by each individual artists.

Nduta Kariuki and Jabet Naava’s works walk us through the happenings of the body revealed by our facial expression. Using photography Jabet, bring out a subject in a state of despair and sadness and pain which are revealed in the clarity of black and white and contortions of the face. Nduta on the other hand lets the audience decide on what emotions are playing on the subjects past on plain background. She wistfully plays with colours to remain abstract and at the same time guide the audience to the realities in life.

Jonathan Solanke Fraser and Faith Wanjala steer clear from facial contortions talking directly or indirectly to the body and the mind. In Solanke’s work, which he uses oil and charcoal, the subject’s body is dancing to the music of life. The artist wants the audience to read emotions and feelings through body language. The muscle folds, the body contortions, the bending and twisting all reveal a lot and leaves the spectator awed, like watching ‘ Lie To Me’. Wanjala would open the skull and let the orifices spew out the real thoughts of a human being. Struggling with Bipolar Disorder, Wanjala uses art to raise awareness on the issues surroundings the condition and at the same time speak about rights of the misjudged groups.

‘Anatomy of Me’ is a three week exhibition that ends on February 21. For those in Kenya, the Artspace will hold Conversations with the artists on Tuesday 14th February.

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