Apio Moro: Of African Elegance, Culture & The New Music World

Ugandan artist Apio Moro is an afro-soul musician whose music bears authenticity in a class of its own, the singer uses her music to pass across inspiring messages through continuous self-discovery. On the onset the singer is clear that art does not seek to define perfection, error is a chance for growth and finding one self.

Apio’s approach makes perfect sense in this world of ours, especially so in the current global sphere, she effortlessly uses her music to express the various aspects of humanity and we dare to say perfectly so, relies on authenticity and the rich African spirit to put forth her artistic themes.

The singer put out ‘Chuny Adech’ EP, the 6-track project featured a variety of soulful sounds. The EP is a testimony of the singer’s storytelling techniques, which she boastfully lets out through her delicate and warm vocals. The project bears the familiar rock and R&B soundscapes, rich earthy soul fused with African instrumentals and the curly acoustic vibes in delineation.

Apio Moro music is done predominantly in Japadhola, her language and English. She amazed many at the Ugandan Blankets & Wine; a premier showcase in East Africa. To many at this point she was that act who no one really knew, but her impressive performance blew many away, no one doubts her crisp vocals, the singer is a master of the guitar with an occasional djembe accompaniment. The lady carries around with her a lot of soul and intriguingly so, would make any music freak fall in love with her art.

The artist born Apio Lilian Samantha, is one to note, she carries the African in her with elegance and makes relevant her culture in the new music world. Most pop or commercial music from Africa, at least for the radio, is mostly inspired by Afrobeats which is a modern, urban style with origins in West Africa more so Nigeria and a poppy corruption of the legendary Fela Kuti Afrobeat style. Apio is among the few generally independent artists who are working out a different approach to music from the continent, breaking away from the monotonous Afrobeats and guaranteeing the essence of African culture while fashioning one of its rich languages.

Apio has also graced stages at; Fête de la Musique, Sofar and Bayimba International Festival. Her 6-track EP ‘Chuny Adech’ was released under East African Records.

Apio’s following continues to grow and it’s only a matter of time before she becomes one of the greatest acts from Africa.

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