Apollo Brown, Ugly Heroes “Unforgiven” track gritty as ever

So, there’s this day I left my usual work station, late hours and my lazy head was all heavy and sleepy, but hey! 10pm is too early for me to sleep.

Now, since my fingers were somehow willing to type, I let the mouse hover all over the screen tapping one to more music tabs looking for something Hip Hop to cheer me up, I would never go to bed bored. Then there it was! a new track from Apollo Brown and the ugly heroes. “Unforgiven”, that’s some ‘poetic’ title, I told myself.

Without wasting another click on some random Firefox tab I went straight to YouTube, the crackling vinyl sound-signature Apollo Brown track-brought some kind of relief; my mood reset to normal. Dressed like Santa in the video Red Pill, voice bore honesty and I could tell he spoke from the soul with his lyrics all about family and grudges, then Verbal Kent goes to that forgiving zone. He forgives the guy who tried to kill him and paints a picture of an ex who tried to commit suicide and that buddy who broke into his crib. In the video Kent is blindfolded I guess he never saw all that coming.

I don’t know much about the truth in the lyrics, but one can tell they speak from the soul, mind numbing rhymes on some gritty beats from Apollo Brown, a laid back track that would still bring out the intended mood even without the rhymes. According to promotional, material the rappers have painted the true picture of their life encounters. Now you know why I had to share.

“Unforgiven” is featured on their upcoming project “Everything In Between” to be released June 26, 2016

Check out the video here:

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