Artists Souad Rassoul and Salah Elmur Joint Show In Kenya

Egyptian artist Souad Rassoul and her Sudanese husband Salah Elmur are showcasing some of their works in Kenya at the Red Hill Exhibition in Nairobi.

Souad is a figure of dexterity; she employs different media to speak to her audience. Her artistic practice covers different media including: drawings, paintings mixed media and sculpture, the artist says her mixed media art set on the wide-perspective maps has nothing to do with history or colonization but the expression of how humanity looks at the world. 

“Some of my large paintings in this exhibition represent the freedom I want for women especially in my country.”  She says

Souad who holds a PhD in Modern Art History and a Master’s in History of Art has at over 15 years experience as an artist.

Her husband on the other hand, is a fan of bright colors; Salah Elmur like his wife is also a master of acrylics. Some of his art on display in Nairobi was exhibited at the Mashrabia Gallery in Cairo, Egypt and at the Dubai Art Fair.

Souad Rassoul has exhibited in Kenya, Egypt and Europe.  She is in Kenya for the fourth time.
Current works range between Kshs. 20, 000(approx. $200) and 300,000(approx. $3000)

The couple’s exhibition runs from February 21 to March 27.

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