Beat Store: Kenyan label Atwal Music’s platform that sells beats

The Kenyan label is now making it easier for artists and producers to buy original licensed music beats.

The initiative which is among the firsts in Kenya, will now provide an avenue for more creative artists to make music not worrying about how much they would be charged by producers who in many occasions exploit them.

Beat Store will also provide an avenue for the many beat-makers and producers in Kenya to sell their work to as many artists as they are willing to, and at the same time lead to an increase in the number of Kenyan beat-makers. 

The entertainment industry in Kenya is growing at a fast rate and it is estimated that by 2017, the industry will be worth over Ksh300 billion, it is therefore no surprise that the many young artists with entrepreneurial skills will capitalize on this opportunity to make money. 

The industry however needs more people with Adwok’s school of thought where one creates a platform that helps grow both sides of the music industry in this case; the artists that is, singer or rapper and the producer and beat-makers on the other side.

According to, Atwal Adwok, founder and CEO at Atwal Music, said “I wanted to make beats available to those that couldn’t afford them in the conventional manner,” he explained. “I wanted to create a simple way for artists to buy beats, as opposed to dealing directly with a producer or entity.”

The platform also allows producers and beat-makers to keep the right to their work. Beat Store also offers complimentary mixing and mastering services for beats purchased on the platform.

Atwal Adwok is a 22-year-old producer, who has been making beats for about 5 years and has worked with some of the reigning music stars in Kenya including: Kaligraph Jones, Fena Gitu, Timmy Tim, Kelvin K among others. His company deals provides services ranging from audio, visual, marketing and promotional services.

Check out his lates work featuring Dave Ndegwa & Fena Gitu off his upcoming project AtwalProducedThis

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