Beatbox Flowflani Hangs Up The Mic

Flowflani is a big name in Kenya’s Beatbox, Hiphop and poetry industry. He lives an indelible mark in the industry he has served loyally since his debut in 2004.

Kenya’s Beatbox legend Flowflani has laid down his performance toolbox. According to a post on his Facebook page, “FlowflaNi is incapable of being artistically active and we are not taking a break, rather we are ending things up.” The announcement came as a shock to Flowflani’s fans who expressed shock. Although some supported Flowflani’s decision to lay down the boots, others felt it was ill-timed.


In a statement on Facebook the poet in all sense broke the hearts of many:

EXPLAINING THE SILENCE; since our last featured Gig at Spontaneous tree house’s dubbed #GAINING_GRIP at the Michael Joseph Center back in Nov15th last year, it has been quite a challenging time for @FlowflaNi trying to wrestle some personal matters, trying to find balance and meaning. An indeed hazardous time for a creative mind. So, it is with deepest and most sincere apologies to the fans and artists whom we were in talks with about projects, that we announce that FlowflaNi is incapable of being artistically active and we are not taking a break, rather we are ending things up. This decision wasn’t landed on irrationally, a lot of thought has been put to it.  Calling it a day and packing up was inevitable.

Thank You for the Love and for your continued support.


Known for his powerful beat boxing skills, Flowflani, has risen above ranks to outsmart those who never believed a stutter like him would make it in the performance art industry.

The Kenyan artist has produced a documentary of his life titled ‘Not4Fame’ and an album Nyumba za Mabati with his band known by the moniker BendiFlani. As a poet, he was the 44th Slam King in Kenya’s premier poetry festival Slam Africa Poetry. He has so far performed alongside Kenya’s poetry greats like Mufasa, Teardrops and Music bands like H_Art the Band, Elani and Zikki Band.

Flowflani had an active 2018 but at the beginning of 2019, he went silent until the latest shocking announcement. In 2018, Flow Flani (real name Ayub Wakaba) would release visuals for his hit song Dismay featuring Weru- a young Kenyan upcoming talent who featured on KTN’s I Can Sing and QWINYOGODA.  His other video projects of 2018 would include Qwinyogoda, In the Book of Eye’yub and The Story of Us. Besides the videos, Flowflani had a number of appearances on TV and showcases like the November Spontaneous Tree House’s gig dubbed Gaining Grip at Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi.

A fellow poet Dorphan had this to say on Flowflani’s announcement on his Facebook page; “I feel like the people of Detroit when Barry Sanders retired in his prime Or Clevelanders when King James moved to Miami, what’s Flowflani without the rhymes? Can’t fault a brother for choosing what’s best for him but can’t help but wish he could have given us more timeI was a fan before I was a friend but If I was to chose I’d rather keep the latter. I love you bro. It’s not an easy thing to do and much as it breaks my heart as a fan, I respect your decision. And remember you got a friend here, always. LOVE & LIGHT!”

He will surely be missed in Kenya’s entertainment scene.

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