BlackBerry says physical QWERTY keyboard here to stay

Following the announcement that BlackBerry was discontinuing its Classic range of phones, it was widely reported that their signature physical keyboard would also be killed.

But now the company has come out to say that the reports were false and that the physical keyboard is here to stay.

“In response to some recent press reports, I want to be clear that @BlackBerry users have nothing to fear — the keyboard is here to stay…” BlackBerry Senior Vice President for Global Device Sales Alex Thurber Tweeted.

The company’s first Android device Priv currently has a physical keyboard, despite its flop in sales. The company sold only 600,000 phones during its first quarter of 2016.

The company is reportedly planning to release three new Android phones, which will be launched within the next three quarters. 

So let’s give BlackBerry some time and see how the keyboard fits in.

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