Butera Knowless Releases New Single ‘Nyigisha,’ A Lesson On Humanity

The Rwandan songstress’ new issue is an inspiring piece of music that offers a different side of her music catalog, with a different manner of execution and a perfect message fit for the current times.

In English, the title of the song translates to ‘teach me,’ it is a powerful recital aimed at the human soul where love is lost among us and a world full of hate, where we find fulfillment in individualism, where humanity is valued less. ‘Nyigisha’ reminds us that we need to exist peacefully with each other, celebrate others’ victories and that when we depart from this life, we will have left a good legacy, one that will be emulated by our children.

The song is a prayer to the higher being to help one become a new person and have humanity.

The song was entirely written by I.K. Clement, who is also the producer, and the colorful video was directed by the reputable Meddy Saleh.

Check out the song here:


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