Cie Bakhus ends African tour with Nairobi show

Nairobi played host to the Ingenious Poetry In Motion 2016, an event held at the Godown Arts. The October 8 event featured French Group Bakhus (Cie Bakhus), who were on their final leg of a seven country tour of Africa which begun in Madagascar.

The performance included the duo’s famous dance dubbed ‘in the shadow of Kora’ (A l’ombre de core), which saw the enchanting The duo of Sami Loviat-Tapie and Mickaël Six put up a mighty show, a performance in the din of darkness for one hour to the amazement of the audience.  Using images projected on the wall, shadows, silhouettes, and real persons, appealing to the imagination of the audience with intended hypnosis; from what you see and what you think you see, to what they imagined to see. It is poetic, it is hip hop, it is hypnotic, it is mind baffling and above all, it is left to the audience to decide on what the theme actually is. 

‘A l’ombre de core’ is the creation of choreographer Mickael Six who started the company Bakhus in 2011. According to the company’s website, ‘the choreography explores the world of the visual field with what we see and what we think we see. Transported into a poetic universe, viewers are torn between the kingdom of shadows and the world around without the knowledge of where to turn. This virtual and real world creates confusion in the audience’.

According to Sam, Bakhus projects undergo through research, practice and modifications to bring out what the company intends to display. From 30 minutes long shows, Bakhus have decided to move to an hour long shows, with the intention of doing longer shows in the future. Sam is a talented dancer who linked up with Bakhus back in 2011 when Mickaël was looking for a partner to team with. 

Mickael started performing around 2001 as a hip hop dancer. It is from then that he moved from one group to the other trying to find his niche and how to tell a story with his acts. The ten year journey culminated in the formation of Bakhus. Other acts by the company include: Glaucos, La quete de Jazzon and B-Gaia. 

The group also performed in Ethiopia, Mauritius, Djibouti, Comoros and Mozambique. The event was courtesy of French Cultural Centre Alliance Française in Nairobi. 

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