Congo Brazzaville’s Legendary Band Les Bantous De La Capitale Founding Member Nganga Edo Dies Aged 87

Congolese band Les Bantous De La Capitale’s (The Bantus of The Capital) founding member Nganda Edo dies aged 87 in Congo Brazzaville. He was the only surviving founding member of the band.

The musician, born Edouard Nganga, is described as the dean of Congolese music. Nganga lend a hand to popular bands such as Ok Jazz with Franco Luambo Makiadi and Vicky Longomba, he replaced Philippe Lando Rossignol who had quit, He also performed alongside Négro Jazz which was his first outfit and the Bantus of the capital.

Les Bantous De La Capitale became name came to be known in the whole continent releasing singles such as ‘Osala Nga Nini,’ ‘Béto Bantou’ and ‘Massoua(Masuwa)’ among others. Their music is a fusion of congolese folk music and latin influences.

The tenor singer and composer who did a stint as a carpenter was born in 1933, his music career spans over 60 years, his band marked their 60th-anniversary last year in August.

Nganga Edo’s latest contribution to music was his performance in an April awareness concert, a campaign against COVID 19.

May he rest in peace.


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