DusitD2: Haven of Art At The Den

It is almost certain that you can never run out of the places to hang out in Nairobi and DusitD2 Hotel is one of the exquisite places in the Kenyan capital the hotel in the leafy side of the city offers more than hospitality.

The facility was host to the DusitD2Art Gallery Exhibition on Saturday 30, 2016.

The event saw various artists showcase their works brimming with wonderful imagination as attendees exchanged pleasantries gesturing at the excellent works on display. The smiles when one is struck or can’t get enough could not go unnoticed, before they whisk out a cheque book and scribble something as the artist unfolds their merchandise into a roll declaring ‘SOLD’

Among the artists showcasing their work at the exhibition were Michael Soi, Waweru Gichuhi, Elias Mungori, Boniface Maina, Dixon Kaloki, Rob Karanja, Eric Gitonga and of course Patrick Mukabi. Through African art, acrylic on canvas, sculptures, photography the artists put out messages on a range of topics from politics, urban culture, and the wild many open to interpretation and others with metaphorical interpretation. Kenneth Otieno on the other hand brought the art of music to the exhibition, showcasing his mastery.
The highlight of the day was young girl named Katanu whose amazing impressions caught the eyes of artists in the room. The 17-year-old artist has a way of authenticating Africa through her art. In this particular masterpiece, this future Da Vinci combines acrylic and Kitenge to weave and paint the king of the jungle such that it doctors the African fabric and fierceness of the lion. The Brookhouse student said that, her art comes out and she just has to go with the flow hence, she cannot really define what her genre really is. But, knowing art, it is those who study it that label it, for the artist, it is a mystery that the canvas and the artist only understands.  

DusitD2 Nairobi Art Gallery exhibition is meant to encourage creative freedom and empower artists get more from their works.

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