Electro-Soul: Uganda’s MoRoots sings about the African pride in “Kings & Queens”

The African pride would be something or mainly a theme all African, black artists need to be associated with especially in this time where the world is rearing its ugly head on the black man.

Far in the US there are protests against racism that have been occasioned by the police brutal acts against the black man. Here in Africa, incidents of racial discrimination have been reported in South Africa and so have the protests.

Talented Ugandan singer MoRoots has chosen not to stand for the African pride in her most recent single “Kings & Queens”. The singer reminds us that it’s time for us African to put on our crowns, let go of the ‘lesser than’ mentality, “we are kings and queens waiting to be crowned”, she sings.

The saxophonist extraordinaire, who is a member of the popular Ugandan band Qwela Band, chose to fuse a lot of electronic music structural influence to the powerful song, as a result the song leans towards electro-soul, which is a different sound from what we are used to hearing from the Soul artist.

The song peaks off with some ‘African’ chants in the background-intro, before her voice takes off and a kicker electronic beat which does not overshadow her soulful singing tied echoes that linger in the lush effect of her vocals. The creative genius of her song writing. The track was produced by Roy The Drummer.

In an interview with Kampala based SNMSLive, the singer said she wrote the song a couple of years ago, after her inexplicable encounters with some strange white folks during her stay in the UK, and the inferiority complex that the Africans deal with.

MoRoots is working with an album which should be on the stands soon.

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