Everything In Between: Ugly Heroes album that features blunt truth

American Hip Hop duo Red Pill, Verbal Kent & Apollo Brown of the Ugly Heroes have released their sophomore album, “Everything In Between”.

The album is more of a sequel to their previous self-titled debut, this time round the rappers are going all in and out with the truth, addressing various subjects and issues that affect the human race and their life. The album is a depiction of the current situation in America.

The topics addressed therein range from personal issues to global issues, solutions  and postive aspects to personal improvement.

The album was entirely produced by non-other than the ever gritty Apollo Brown.

Check out the tracklist
1.    Today Right Now 
2.    Daisies 
3.    This World 
4.    Notions
5.    Peace Of Mind
6.    Choir Practice
7.    Place Called Home
8.    Can’t Win For Losin’
9.    Roles
10.    Heart Attack  
11.    Force Fed  
12.    Soul Searching 
13.    Unforgiven 
14.    Fair Weather

The album is available on Itunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, and also available on Cassette, CDs, Vinly

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