Facebook Messenger For Android Supports Multiple Accounts

There we go….Facebook Messenger for Android will now support multiple accounts.

The company says the feature targets families that use one device to access Messenger. The feature will have a new “Accounts” setting which will allow each user to log into their Messenger account. The users will have the power to save the password or leave it open for anyone to access.

“Anyone else who shares the device will just see the number of notifications of messages that you have, but they will never be able to see the content of your messages,” Facebook’s post.

The company has not given a word on when or if the feature will be included on iOS and the web versions of Messenger.

There were reports that the feature will also support SMS but that has yet to come true. On a separate note, there are reports that Facebook has plans to introduce adverts to the Messenger app, the ads would target people who have engaged with businesses sending the ads.

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