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Facebook Rolling Out Mobile Dark Mode

After eons, the tech company is now on the path to rolling out a dark mode for mobile, which is said to be in the testing phase. A spokesman for the company told The Verge that “the dark mode available to a very small percentage of people globally.”

The firm has not indicated how long the testing phase will last but is reportedly inching closer to a broader release. Some of the iOS users who have been exposed to the dark mode posted screenshots of how it appears.

Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger, the other social apps from Facebook, have dark mode versions.

Facebook introduced a dark mode for the desktop version of the app everywhere in May; this was first made available as an option starting March this year.

Dark mode, otherwise known as night mode, allows users to change the background color of apps to black because they help preserve batter, meant to reduce glare and are aesthetically pleasing.


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