Fashion: Ladies in leather boots

Just like fish cannot survive without water so can humans not do without latest trends, almost everyone is into being at the peak of any new inventory, more so in fashion driven by one’s taste and preference. Adapting to the new trends is a task whereas accepting the new trends is fashion.

The essence of leather boots is all into their warmth, color and more so the heal. Being able to blend in it accomplishes most of the ladies’ desires.

Leather boots come in different styles, most prefer these boots because they give a perception of a boosted height thanks to the healed-boots or wedged ones, most favored by plump ladies. The type of sole would mostly be determined by variation in the geographical terrain.

Boots blend well with any outfit, you would to wear in nay weather; including a light top, but it would be more advisable on having a long top so as to capture the look, classy and slay. Most boots are generally ever light for your convinience, you can wear them for a whole day. 

When styled perfectly your boots come alive in cold seasons, for that extra and deliberate warmth. The picture below gives you as fairly best option.of how you can rock those classy high-heeled boots.
 Photo credit: by Charlotte Idah

You don’t necessarily need the heavy sweaters or trench coats to capture that hot look, you may opt for a simple jacket toned with your footwear and a belt to break the tie. One can also choose to don that neat scarf, they are very convenient, light for that warmth needed for your torso leaving you with the option of maintain an unzipped blazer or jacket, a colored scarf worn for a long day would work better than white, as we all know, the dirt is one bother you would not want, obvious but worth a reminder.

Get that look and thank me later!

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