Cover Picture: Petri Kokko

Frankosun And The Family Self Titled Debut Album Finally Out

Afrobeat band from Finland, Frankosun And The Family have finally unveiled their debut album titled ‘Frankosun And The Family.’ The debut an Elossa Records release. A music label based in Helsinki.

Frankosun And The Family band was founded in Helsinki in 2013 by Oladele Franck Komolou, who hails from Benin. The group has released awesome music and won many music lovers’ hearts with Afrobeat soundscapes heavily influenced by the Nago heritage and its history.

“Nago” derives from the word “Anago,” a term Fon-speaking people use to describe Nago – Yoruba speaking people residing in Benin. The Nago–Yoruba community is characterized by the masked dance called Guèlèdè – a special dance rich in songs, music, epic and lyrical poems under the rhythms, and sounds of tam-tams.” Promo literature on the release describes the band and its inspirations.

The band fuses the 70s and 80s Beninese and Nigerian Afrobeat with Afrofunk and Afrorock, to produce remarkable music that carries Fela’s influences plus natural rock and funk soundscapes. The band’s end product is electrifying music, elevating us to that voodoo grind, then back to the global pop influences, with funk at heart. 

The Marc Fred executive produced album is available on both vinyl and digital formats. The album was Mastered by Virtalähde Mastering and Mixed by Lauri Kallio.

Cover picture by Petri Kokko, Band logo by Elina Koskela. Layout: Joonas Henriksson.


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