Gensu Dean and Denmark Vessey single “Black Love”

From the upcoming album “Whole Food” comes a strangely constructed love song by Gensu Dean and Denmark Vessey.

The song strides trough a complicated life, a would be normal argument with his lover that reveals a lot about a rather peculiar context, Vessey rebukes his love but at the same time admitting to be on the wrong, the contrast therein are is makes the story more of a relationship that is beyond love.

Gensu laid back beat features a lopped guitar blended with an organ sound, Vessey, 7evenThirty and Iman Omari easily bask on the soulful funky instrumental with explicit rhymes about the past and change. The artists also hint at police shootings and how it affects black love.

Dean is a force to reckon with as a producer, he has worked with the likes of among other notable acts Large Professor, David Banner. 

You can download the “Black Love” on Bandcamp for free.

The new album “Whole Food” will be out July 29 on Mello Music Group.

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