Image: The Shindellas' IG page

Get Out My Way: The Shindellas Share Visuals For Self-Empowering New Single ‘Fear Has No Place’

The American group has released the video for the powerful single released about a month ago that preaches self-awareness. As the title goes, it inspires a courageous generation with no fear in anything, anyone, or being unique. The song, which bears subtle anti-racism messages, also seeks to promote sisterhood among women in the black community.

The video directed by Nina “Teapot” Owens portrays the trio Stacy Johnson, Tamara Chauniece, and Kasi Jones as the representation of strength, power, independence, and class. The visuals excel in modesty with a focus on representing the three singers as that unbreakable unit.
The Shindellas is a group made up of three great singers from unique musical backgrounds, who use their different music foundations to write a unique story that is not limited to societal definitions or conformity.

‘Fear Has No Place’ was written and produced by Chuck Harmony and Claude Kelly of the Louis York band.

Check out the video here:


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