Gregory Porter Announces Date For His New Album

American Jazz musician and Grammy Award winner Gregory Porter has announced the date for the release of his latest album “Take Me To The Alley” due to drop May 6th.

The album which is a follow-up to his 2013 release “Liquid Spirit” features a reworked version of ‘Holding On’, as well as ‘Don’t Lose Your Steam’ together with the title track, written with his family in mind.

You can pre-order the 12 track album standard edition available at 


1.    Holding On
2.    Don’t Lose Your Steam
3.    Take Me To The Alley
4.    Day Dream
5.    Consequence Of Love
6.    In Fashion
7.    More Than A Woman
8.    In Heaven
9.    Insanity
10.    Don’t Be A Fool
11.    Fan The Flames
12.    French African Queen

Listen to “Holding On” here…

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