“Hii Chapta”: Top poets in Kenya put Integrity on a pedestal

What leads in the Kenyan news cycle is just politics, the newsmakers are mostly politicians, save for the days where tragedy strikes or the budget is read then you get to see some other people in ‘suits’ making news.

The picture in the citizens’ minds, not that I have been in any, is that a person of integrity is clean, but it is obvious most politicians and people governing the East African nation are not clean, corruption defines what they are. So for a non-Kenyan imagine the number of ‘integrity questions’ we have in our minds every day ‘at the top of the hour’.

At the heart of Nairobi, a team of poets decided to occupy the center stage at the Alliance Francaise, the prime time spot was filled with thought-provoking poetry on integrity, an event dubbed “Hii Chapta”.

The poets were divided into two teams, Team Mufasa, led by Mufasa, Dorphan, Mc Elfra and Socra Tess and Team Teardrops led by Teardrops, Shikkey, Murathe and Slim Steve. Armed with rhymes and pun, fun and seriousness, the poets would interrogate various aspects of Chapter Six of the Kenyan constitution, a chapter otherwise known as ‘The Integrity Chapter’.

The poets crafted words filled with satire, irony, sarcasm and imagery to speak out their minds, as they outdid themselves in an epic battle meant to inspire and create awareness in Kenya. They managed to deliver compelling pieces to a room full of a responsive crowd as they received a dose of reality, the poets tore the mask to reveal the true face of the filth in society, criticized the poor leadership for the ills and chastised the electorate who elect them, as the MC of the Night Gufy read sections of Chapter six revealing wrongs people see and ignore, one would wonder on the subject of integrity do we blame ourselves or the politicians. The artists used their poetry to arouse a feeling of consciousness among the electorate. 

As for the teams, team Mufasa trounced team Teardrops to emerge victorious but both groups were honored for their poetry, exploring the principles of the Integrity Chapter of the Kenyan constitution. Flowflani, G-Cho Pevu, and Mumbi Macharia were among the poets who graced the event.

The event was organized to mark six years since the Kenyan constitution was promulgated. The reputable Kenyan cartoonist Paul Kelemba aka Maddo also showcased his works at Alliance Francaise.

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