Hip Hop Africa: Kenyan group Wenyeji back with new single Pole Sana

Ukoo Flani, Mau Mau camp afilliate members Wenyeji Zakah and Robah have released a new single dubbed “Pole Sana”

The popular Kenyan Hip Hop group members reminisce about the much they have gone through and the negative energies they have had to shade off as artists.

The conscious rappers chastise naysayers to whom sarcastically, they apologize to for having stayed and prospered in the game longer than they expected basically they are saying sorry guys we made it. “Pole Sana” is Swahili for ‘very sorry’.

Wenyeji is among the Kenyan groups who have chosen to stay true to the hip hop art-form and the Hip Hop culture with positive lyrics, an avenue only a number of artists can confidently say they thrived as the duo boast in with well thought out punchlines.

Are we going to get another album from the rappers? well only time will tell.

“Pole Sana” was produced by NikPunk

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