Hip Hop Africa: Kenyan Kaa La Moto Features Bango Legend Mzee Ngala On -Nisikilize Mwanangu-

From the Kenyan coast comes one of the most promising Hip Hop artistes Kaa La Moto.

The artiste is proving to be a different voice in an industry crowded by pop music with too much focus on the commercial aspect.

The talented artiste is more of a scholar of the Hip Hop art form, his poetry is packed with positive messages and references to some of the greatest artistes Kenya has ever had.  In one of his most recent releases, the artiste has featured legendary Kenyan musician and the pioneer of the Bango music Joseph Mzee Ngala on “Nisikilize Mwanangu”. 

Mzee Ngala is credited for inventing and popularizing the Bango kind of music, which he has performed for over five decades. Bango is music with a jazzy feel influenced by traditional Latin music; Arabic influenced Taarab sounds popular in the east Africa coastal region and a taste of local Bantu tunes.

“Nisikilize Mwanangu”, is a perfect fusion of Hip Hop and Bango, Mzee Ngala crowns the laid back track with his signature sax tunes as Kaa La Moto’s graces the mic with his Swahili poetry addressing issues about life and struggles we go through.

Kaa La Moto and Mzee Ngala are both from the Kenyan coast region, a region that has been home to some of the best music in Africa.
“Nisikilize Mwanangu” is a timeless track that transcends the generations.

The song was produced by Totti and the video directed by Lil’ Guy G
Check out the video:

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