Hip Hop: Sadat X album “AGUA” due for release July 15

A quarter of the legendary Hip Hop group Brand Nubian Sadat X will soon be releasing his 12th studio album “AGUA”

The 18-track album features the likes of Pete Rock, Diamond D, DJ Scratch and Will Tell on production and RA The Rugged Man, Shabam Sahdeeq, the young sensation A.F.R.O, Dres, Edo G, Lord Jamal, Milano and Wordsmith plus more.

The album is expected to be a well packaged next level production considering the features and the production line-up he has chosen to work with. Sadat has been around for a while now, and this latest work is expected to prove why he is among the revered MCs

Track list:
1. Freeze
2. The City Never Sleeps featuring: Wordsworth
3. Taken
4. Industry Outcast’s featuring: R.A. The Rugged Man; Thirstin Howl III
5. Head Shot
6. Agua
7. Cut and Dry featuring: Lord Jamar (of Brand Nubian)
8. Tell ‘Em Again featuring: DV Alias Khrist
9. The Return of the Dottie X featuring: Milano; Shabam Sahdeeq
10. Imagine featuring: Rhymefest; Jabar
11. The Bass Player
12. Murder Soundtrack featuring: A.F.R.O.; Rahzel
13. Same Shit, Different Day featuring: UG (of Cella Dwellaz)
14. Da’ Hustle Don’t Stop featuring: EDO.G; Fokis
15. Maybe It’s Me featuring: Dres (of Black Sheep)
16. Tommy is My Boy
17. We Strive featuring: Dres (of Black Sheep)
18. Nobody featuring: LoVel

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