HR The Messenger Features Lord Arnold On Gravy New Track ‘Growth’

The Kenyan rapper picks up ‘Growth’ with a different vibe, the track courses on a unique path with a laid back pace bouncing off a cozy momentum that hypes it as something to behold.

The instrumental flexes between dirty, spooky bops, and gritty mafioso rap, offering a perfect take for the duo who glide over the track with impressive lyricism.

The new track described as “a polite flex between two black kings backed by wavy visuals, we celebrate growth with the homies,” has the pair trading bars on not letting go of the hustle, cautioning mayhem if provoked, grisly threats to end other rapper’s careers come alive on here, delivered with cocky expressions,

As it were, ‘Growth’ digs up another tunnel to expose befitting unique content when it comes to gutter music.

The video directed by Qubic Jimsam (Frames Avenue) bears a tale of two acts telling their story while taking us through their encounters, cuts of goofiness capped under the prominent wavy effects with remarkable simplicity.

Check out the visuals below:

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