HR The Messenger Features Markus & X-ray King On ‘Waridi,’ Story Of The Same Girl

The Kenyan rapper promised a new release to mark his birthday, and true to his word, he has shared yet another intriguing song about ‘same girl.’
The trio sets off pulsing anxiety with vibes about the same girl, exposing a different side of their talent.

The rappers weave impressive storylines getting you hooked to the narrative, taking you their experiences with a lady from the coast called Waridi plus bits about life’s push and pull while sharing a joint with a comical twist to it.

‘Waridi’ offers different perspectives on how each of the artists met the same girl, a palpably young Nairobi man’s attitude, and his encounter with a girl and a love triangle that reveals the lady they have been crashing on to be a cop. The track ends but to be continued…

The new release complements HR’s more overtly storylines of his earlier projects.

Check out the song here:


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