\\ Iconic Bob Marley’s unrivaled impact on global culture

Reggae icon Bob Marley music & cultural influence remains the greatest in recent times.

As the world celebrates what would be Bob Marley’s 71st birthday today (Feb 6, 2018) Zimbabwean art consultant Martin Chemhere has been allowed by Harare officials to erect a statue in honor of the legendary musician following months of intensive negotiations. The eight-meter life-size bronze statue will be built by the very artists that created the Nelson Mandela statue installed at the Union Buildings in Pretoria South Africa, Andre Onsloo and Ruhan Janse Van Vuuren, both who hail from South Africa.

The late Bob Marley was fond of Zimbabwe that he would offer to perform in the country without pay, and in 1978 he released ‘Zimbabwe’ a single that inspired the push for independence. Two years later Zimbabwe was declared an independent state. Zimbabwe was the only African state the singer ever performed.

Bob Marley born Feb 6, 1945 (born Robert Nesta Marley to Noval Marley and Cedellar Booker) remains one of the most influential people to have ever graced the earth. Apart from music, he was instrumental in popularizing the Rastafari message throughout the world.

Bob came from humble background raised by single mother the late Cedilla Booker Marley, in Nine Miles and eventually moved to Trenchtown, Kingston Jamaica where his musical career stated in 1962. The singer’s iconic journey kicked off when he joined hands with legendary artists Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer to form “Bob Marley and The Wailers” a group credited with changing the face of reggae music.

The two collaborators Tosh and Wailer later left the then most popular reggae band. Marley continued to make music with a band that included new members among them Barrett brothers, Junior Marvin and Al Anderson, Tyrone Downie and Earl “Wya” Lindo, and Alvin “Seeco” Patterson on percussion. The “I Threes”, consisting of Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, and Marley’s wife, Rita, provided backing vocals, and for the longest time Marley remained the face of reggae music.

Marley music was a fusion of reggae, ska and rocksteady creating unique sounds, which resonated well with the populace, he brought about discourse on love, political struggles and people’s rights with messages hinged on Rastafarianism and unity. The singer was so popular that at most times was an authority when it came to Jamaican politics that then leaders would somehow seek approval from the star. Marley survived an assassination attempt on 3 December 1976, after he was shot at where he left his motherland for London where he recorded the infamous tune ‘Exodus’

Bob Marley music has sold over 20 million records and was inducted to the famous Rock hall of fame in 1994. In 2001 he was bestowed the Grammy Achievement Award.

The 13 studio albums: The Wailing Wailers (1965), Soul Rebels (1970), Soul Revolution (1971), The Best of The Wailers (1971), Catch a Fire (1973), Burnin’ (1973), Natty Dread (1974), Rastaman Vibration (1976), Exodus (1977), Kaya (1978), Survival (1979), Uprising (1980), Confrontation (1983), and 2-live albums: Live! (1975), Babylon by Bus (1978).

In 1981 the ambassador of Reggae music succumbed to cancer complications at age of 36 leaving behind a rich reggae culture and children who are themselves in music like: Ziggy Marley, Damian Marley, Stephen Marley and more. 

Check out DJ Jim-D tribute to the Legendary below:


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