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Iddi Singer Details That Lowkey Affair, Some Highschool Kind Of Love & More On Impressive New ‘SwaRnB’ EP

After featuring in several projects over the years, the Kenyan singer has officially shared his new project, dubbed SwaRnb EP. The singer, songwriter, and vocalist’s latest release is a perfectly packaged introduction to his vocal prowess and versatility.

Iddi Singer, who hails from the Kenyan coastal city of Mombasa, is definitely an artist with incredible talent; his works recall some of the greatest R&B artists, as he highlights stories of real love with impressive writing, a weave between popular and classic representation.

The 6-track EP features variant tempo scales, stretchy afropop nuances, electronic soundscapes, 90s niceties on tracks such as ‘High School Love’ with a familiar African R&B vibe. It is done predominantly in Swahili as the title suggests and features singer Mercury and notable Kenyan rapper Kaa La Moto. Through this project, the singer certainly portrays an artist in control of his working environment, which allows him to explore and exploit the complex aspects of his talent as he captivatingly carries the audience along.

Iddi Singer’s EP was recorded at Kubwa Studios with productions from Grandmaster Tex and features Mercury.

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