Image: Instagram

Instagram Lets Users Open Profiles On Any Camera App With Global QR Codes Roll-out

After the successful launch of the product in Japan last year, and like WhatsApp last month, Instagram is now bringing QR codes to its app for its global customer base. The concept works as a shortcut to profiles, just like Nametags, which uses Instagram cameras, but for the QR codes option, it allows users with any camera that can scan QR codes to open or find your Instagram page.

We have been accustomed to searching peoples’ profiles with a bit of struggle like the right spellings and hyphens, numerous tries and such, but with the QR codes, one expects that a simple scan of, say your business page leads them directly to your profile quickly and then lead to expected forms of transactions or to follow the account.

The QR codes can be found in the settings menu labeled QR code.


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