\\ Ivan Irakoze to launch much anticipated EP in August

Spokenword artist and storyteller Ivan Irakoze EP comes out August 18, a showcase promising to be grand

Ivan has been holding a number of events in Nairobi for some time now. Each event was a hallmark towards testing the waters in his quest as a king poetry. The 6-track EP marks the beginning of a journey of a story told in the lenses of a man described as having the golden voice, one of radio presenter.

I have been attending several of Ivan Irakoze’s gigs in Nairobi for three years now, at the Michael Joseph Centre. In last year’s event, my impressive photographer friend-who also happens to be a colleague Eduard Amaya- on seeing the dark clouds unleash Noah’s flood remarked, “Seems like Ivan is a rainmaker… or his ancestors were… at his events it must rain….Maybe the right time to plant the seeds of poe-tree.” On June 16th this year, I was looking forward for another deluge when I attended Ink Overflows’ Conversations with Raya Wambui event. The rains did not show up, upon which I concluded that maybe he, Amaya was a rainmaker because the rascal has been in exile since May-a time when rains stopped misbehaving in Nairobi.

As the show kicked off, in his custom style, Ivan, with his radio presenter’s voice, performed first and in the midst of his enchanted words, he declared that he was releasing his maiden EP on August 18th. The EP dubbed Real, launch is a must attend for all but particularly for those who have been attending Ink Overflows shows because, in his quest to tell the story of love, Ivan has created an intricate narrative that in his shows has remained incomplete, serving whole and bits of a story. This love story told in two pieces; ‘Day of The Dead Girl’ and ‘Last Friday Night’ brings about an intoxicating tale filled with suspense and a spell that only Ivan can unravel. Everyone who has heard of the poems will be waiting with bated breath for their completion. Nicole AgnettaShingaiMufasa, and Michelle Gatiuku will be performing at the event.

Ivan is the host of Ink Overflow– one of Nairobi’s leading poetry showcases. The show staged at The Michael Joseph Center in Nairobi brings to the table a unique blend of spoken word and sometimes visual art that in most occasions leaves the audience asking for more.

In the last Ink Overflow episode, Raya Wambui– who happened to be celebrating her first wedding anniversary, armed with the two most important men in her life- her father and her husband, would bring back a ray of hope to those who had given up on the ‘perfect match’ as she looked adorably into her beloved’s eyes and said the unsaid vows she couldn’t bring herself to say during the ‘I do’ moment. Next Raya would speak about her craft, family and the current situation in her country Kenya. On matters social justice Raya said that one of the major crises in Kenya was that “our political and social systems are not in sync,” which she saw was the reason as to why there was a decadence in society. “No One is okay until everyone is okay,” she said. Kenya is bedeviled with myriads of corruption and social injustices which go unresolved each year which the poet thought must be resolved unless the country was destined for the murk. Other performers of the night were Sondeka Festival Award Winner Nicole Agnetta who also Features in the EP and Songstress Vallerie (Brown Suga) Muthoni.

Ivan’s EP features productions by Cmoney

Check out some of Ivan’s art as we prepare to kick it!


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