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Jones Picks Off From Where She Left Two Years Ago With New Single ‘Giving It Up’

The London based singer has been away for a couple of years after blessing us with an awesome project ‘New Skin’ which featured hits such as ‘Melt’ and ‘Hoops’ and ‘Indulge’. The singer whose body of work depicts minimalism, expressiveness and delivered with powerful vocals has returned with yet another single ‘Giving It Up.’

The song resets us back to the singer’s familiar territory, she has followed up the song with simple visuals, showcasing that minimalist artistry. The song features elements of pop, her smooth vocals offer distinct texture to the soulful track.

Two years ago the singer offered an acoustic version of the song which offered a different perspective to the singer’s vocal range. The latest release might not be so ‘new’ to the ear familiar with her work but its work that disruption to the ear.

Check out the song here:

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