Karun New EP Indigo is finally here

Kenya’s young sensation Karun’s new EP is generally an experimental project. Indigo juggles between funky dance grooves and smooth beats and word of caution for those ‘strong’ people…that hopeless romantic stuff is generally all over the place when you listen to it.

The EP was released under East African Wave, a collective that evidently is succeeding in giving the world a new sound from the east of Africa. The 7-track EP features productions from Ukweli, NV Funk, Jinku, Simply Addy and Karun herself. It also features other acts such as Joseph Kiwango and Jan Christian from Skeme Music. 

The EP is not over ‘produced’ as it were, you can hear that craftiness at some point which makes it more of a artistic, one can clearly tell the mood of the friend-artists while they were working on the project. “Need You The Best” is an intimate track, Karun and Kiwango do a very good job in expressing their feelings.  “Natamani Kukupenda” on the other hand picks off with a more up-beat structure but still carries the relationship theme. “My Brother” is a definite dance provoking beat song, justice has been done on the drum wave a guaranteed favourite for the elkectronic music heads.

Karun’s solo EP will have you on a sensual mood planet but it’s a necessary dose for your ear.

Karun is currently studying music in Boston, US

Checkout the EP here:

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