Kenya takes celebration of art to the wild

Nature meets art painting a spectacle that brought thrill to the wild in the Kenyan capital, Nairobi.
It is probably that thing someone, an artist in particular does in their lonesome, to document what goes on in the wild or those Nat. Geo guys who spend months or years shooting documentaries about the creatures of the jungle and of course the tourists and nature buffs who visit to get the feel of the wild. However, this time the Nairobi National Park opened up the experience to art lovers, who had a rare chance to enjoy art in the wild.

Art lovers trooped to the famous national park in a city for a family day out filled with fun, art and the wild. The event popularly known as ‘the ArtFest’ is designed to create awareness on the endangered species and merge the world of art with nature, while acknowledging the rich diversity of art, creativity and cultural adventure. The August 14th event, which is the second ArtFest since its inception, saw a host of artists display their works to the amazement of the art lovers, from poetry, literature, exhibitions, art, fashion and music to cap it all.

It was the poetry and music that hyped the event with performances from various artists who performed pieces with varying themes, including Raya Wambui, the queen of spoken word who crowned it all with three pieces on conservation and protection of the elephants and rhinos who are among the endangered species thanks to greedy poachers.
Kenyan urban music acts H-Art The Band, were the main acts when it came to music belting out some of their best songs such as “Uliza Kiatu” a brilliant performance despite the blistering sun, the crowds shouting for more as the day ended.
As much as the event was all amazing, the organizers would have done a wonderful thing to have the ArtFest somewhere in the actual wild rather than within the Kenya Wildlife Service public parking lot.

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