Kenyan Capital hosts “This for That” exhibition by Artists Michael Musyoka, David Thuku

Kenyan artists Michael Musyoka and David Thuku opened their “This for that” Art exhibition at the ArtSpace Exhibition Hall in Nairobi on March 17.

According to the Artspace, the exhibition with a peculiar name explores internal triggers that force people to make bad choices. It looks at the ills of society and asks if we make those ills thrive.

Michael, a painter, uses experience from his life to splash a reflection of society on canvas. On the other hand, David classifies the society into four stages of action and non-action and lets his art pose a question of where we lie. A former painter, David now uses Sgraffitto technique in his latest exhibition. 

The duo works at Brush Tu Art studio in Buruburu a suburb in the Kenyan capital.

The ongoing exhibition runs up to April 9. 

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