Kenyan Hip Hop: Trabolee, Amo, Myster on ‘Mbex3’

Trabolee, the witty Kenyan rapper by way of Nakuru comes back with another single “Mbex3” (MbeMbeMbe).

The man behind the “All Roads Lead Home” album taps the skills of fellow rappers: Amo Kamili and Juke Myster in this fun track that is all about the trio having bragging rights when it comes to the social life and lyrical content, thus “Mbe” (Kenyan slang for being ahead)

The track begins with a simple and repetitive hook on a nasty beat with trap drums, before Trabolee takes the mic delivering well crafted lyrics where he tries to put the listener in his zone; Wacha nikutembezee kwa my journey/Hakuna Seng’enge kwa bustani, he raps in his element. For those who don’t understand Swahili, Trabolee is essentially taking who cares to listen to his ‘good-life’ where there are no restrictions.

Amo Kamili wakes up nursing his hangover and humorously raps about his wild-night out on the second verse, rather confused he forgot bits of the previous night but still looking forward to another party “Niko mbembembe nyuma niliachia Sidika/leo nikiget laid walai baby navunjika, he brags in Swahili about the night, his next plans and swears if he gets lucky tonight, that’ll be all.

Juke Myster takes us high on the third and final verse of the track with bars in reference to weed (marijuana) and how the trio would hit it up before going hard on any cipher ‘purple haze through your system’. Myster’s verse is served mainly in English. 

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