Kenyan Singer Athieno Releases Long Awaited Album “I aM”

Multi-talented Kenyan singer Athieno has finally released the highly anticipated album “I aM”.

The singer, song-writer, producer and audio engineer has birthed one of the best contemporary African urban music and we must say she is right to be a proud ‘momma’ of this gem. Athieno fuses traditional African beats and modern sounds to create a perfect infusion of urban music with lyrics that are not anything close to simplistic. It is a work around r&b, jazz, funk, hip hop and traditional music influences producing an original price of art, a genre she prefers to identify as African-Infused Urban Music.

The 9-track album portrays the artist’s journey to self discovery. In her promotional material the soulful singer says; “While working on this album I came to discover the significance of self-love, self-acceptance, and self-validation. I believe that by embracing who you are, you are then able to present your best self to the world”. 

Rewind: Gona Simu, Fire, Way Back, Sukuma Wiki, Speechless.

The album features a list of vibrant musicians including; Jacob Sibi-Okumu, Sebastian Rreunert, Newman Owor, Allisia Benveniste, Raphael painner, Munir Zaake, Kathy Kiragu, Giovanni Giusti, Kazuhiro Odagiri, Dillion Zahner, Sagit Zilberman, Kai Sandoval, Michael Prentky, Maddie Rice, Grant Ruddd, Moexz Dawad, Jason Sampson, Tim Reynolds, Clay Lyons, Tyler Burchfield, Kai Sandoval and Alexandria Piuerre Etienne.

The Engineering was done by: Wendyam Emerson, Susanna Monsalve Jones and Athieno (Annette Oduor) herself.

The Barklee College graduate formerly known as annieSoul will be holding a concert dubbed “IaM Athieno” on April 23 at the Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi. The singer seeks to use the concert to encourage others toward self-love, self-acceptance, and self-validation

“I aM” was released on April 4, 2016.

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