Kenyan wordsmith Mufasa brings back 7 Poems to Nairobi

Kenyan wordsmith Mufasa brings back 7 Poems to Nairobi.

The city of Nairobi could pass as a noisy, dirty and disorganized place, just like most cities in Africa; the chaotic matatus, howling hawkers plus the traffic jam nightmares, a bustling picture of ‘organized confusion’, most Nairobians jokingly ask; why pay rent when one spends most of the hours stuck in traffic and at work? However, it is not all work but no play, the east African powerhouse’s capital also has a fun side, the mostly hyped residents on many occasions turn Nairobi into an eclectic vibrant city.

The cosmopolitan city is a home of the arts, and most people especially the middle class of late have discovered the fun in poetry, one cannot miss a sizeable number of people at these events, crowds of smartly dressed individuals conversing over a cup of coffee while a poet stands before a microphone engaging the audience, the spoken word.

Spoken word artists like the renowned Slam Africa Champion Mufasa are taking these kinds of opportunities to speak their minds through poetry, this on April 30, 2016 the poet will be hosting yet another show in just over a month, the 7 poems show is expected to bring the Alliance Francaise to its knees as they say judging by the buzz it has created and the success of the previous show.

Kenyans are slowly embracing non-traditional art forms going by the increasing number of popular poetry joints in the city. With determined force, poetry is picking up making organizations like Fatumas Voice, Slam Africa and Kwani Open Mic a force to reckon with. 

Those leading this revolution are poets like Mufasa, Teardrops, Dorphan among other talents. These young poets are slowly becoming the trendsetters in lifestyles and creativity. They are also inspiring droves of young people who, with luck and talent get to showcase their worth at these open-mic events.

The 7 Poems event organizers have hinted at plans to take the event to other parts of east Africa in the near future. Mufasa has performed in countries like Uganda, Tanzania, Ghana and Nepal. 

The slam Africa champion has promised a remarkable show come Saturday.

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