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Khaligraph Jones Is All About Getting That Money With New Single ‘Tuma Kitu’

Kenya’s top rapper Khaligraph Jones otherwise, Papa Jones or the OG has released a new single titled ‘Tuma Kitu.’ The song whose title literally means ‘send something’ is the rapper’s statement that he is all focused on making that paper and nothing if not that money, so send me the money.

Khaligraph Jones’s expansive catalog and impressive talent have seen him top charts and become one of Kenya’s most successful commercial artists. The rapper has often set his sites on the global scene, alluded to experiences he would have with some of the world’s biggest stars and for sure, with the OG, his discipline and work ethic have already earned him a spot among the greats of the global mainstream Hip Hop scene.

The rapper’s latest single picks from his long-held narrative of dominating the industry. He is a man in control of his career, a self-made artist, taking a pause to let us know it’s not and has never been an easy gig, but his determination keeps him on top.

The rapper keeps working on new songs with each release, layered on new sounds, flouncy snares, and a characteristic of his Blu Ink label package. ‘Tuma Kitu’ was produced by himself and instrumentals by Call me G and Beast inside Beats.

Check out the song here:


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