Lando Chill releases debut album “For Mark, Your Son”

After a long wait, American hip hop act Lando Chill has released his debut album “For Mark, Your Son”

Promo literature on the album, describes the project as “a revealing look into grief, resilience and the finesse required to live”. The album gives us a deeper and general look into the 24-year-old’s life before and more after the passing of his father.

“This is it- the precipice on which this story ends and a new one begins. I can’t tell you where I’m going or who I’ll be when it’s all over. But, just know one thing- I do it all for you, my family.” -Lando Chill

Lando’s debut album “For Mark, Your Son” is a 12-track compilation, a tribute to his late father, who passed away when the young rapper was just 3-years-old. The album revolves around life, death and legacy and how much impact the departed can have and how much it can last even after they are gone.

Lando’s music is manifestly heavily influenced by the likes of Gil Scott-HeronPharoahe Monch, and The Roots, the tracks are moody with rhythmic melodies. The album is a treat to those in pain, struggle, and need inspiration. Lando’s writing skills are evocative, damaged, conscious and poetically wholesome.

“For Mark, Your Son” was released under Mello Music Group.

Track List:

1.      Intro 
2.      I’m Awake
3.      Early In The Morning
4.      Rock Love
5.      Proud
6.      Save Me
7.      Floating to Nowehere 
8.      Gospel of the Chill (feat. Runt of Jivin Scientists 
9.      Find A Way
10.    That’s Real
11.    Unenamored
12.    Coroner

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