Last VCR to be produced end of this month, but no one cares!

Once upon a time there was a VCR, a kind of machine that would play and record video from or on a cassette tape, most VCRs were black, they had tape inside, we rented tapes, rewinding was a daunting task,… The good old days… the good old days…

That is how the story will go for our children, many of us who were lucky to use or watch film from VCRs.

At least many of us reading this article do remember these gadgets but it will all be just that as the last VCRs manufacturer in Japan plans to end its production. 

The BBC reports, quoting Nikkei newspaper that Japanese manufacturer Funai Electric which has been producing VHS-playing VCRs for over 30 years will be ceasing production of the old video players by end of this month. 

VCRs which remained popular until the late 90s, which is up until the DVDs came and took over the market, many households opted for the latest formats dumping VCRs-which were introduced to the market in the 70s-in garages or stores and left them to gather dust. 

The mention of VCRs bring to memory the days one would go to a store to rent a film on tape for a fee, and how expensive they were. The machines would also refuse to play the tapes due to dust or even ‘eat up’ the tape forcing you to open up the whole thing. There were people who would repair these machines stationed on big towns or market centers. Few families especially in Africa had them since they were fairly expensive.

The quality of video from VCRs was the worst, well at least one can say that today, but it would not be compared to DVD formats no matter how high-tech your device was, one of the thing that forced the analog device off the market. 

Though the analog system was used for quite some time, it is highly unlikely that it will have collectors mourning over its death as the classy vinyl has. The vinyl audio format is coming back to the market and collectors and the lovers of the analog format are buying them like milk clearing them from the shelves. The VCR is just outdated, dead, kaput! Well until something happens because with technology never say never.

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