Legendary Them Mushrooms to perform at Kenya’s Afro-jazz Legends Concert

Alliance Francaise has always been home of great music and still nurturing great talent, in the creative industry. On August 5, they will be holding a memorable event dubbed Afro-Jazz legend Concert, an edition that features the legendary Them Mushrooms Band, Kwame and Ricky Na Marafiki Band.

Them Mushrooms will be the headline acts of the Friday event, the band started back in 1969 as “Avenia Success” that comprised of Teddy Kalanda, Billy Sarro and two members Pritt Nyale, the late Dennis Kalume Harrison and the late George Zirro Harrison.
Them Mushrooms is one of the most prosperous bands in Kenya performing different kinds of musical genres like chakacha blending it with pop rhythms, reggae and benga. The band has more than 12 albums to their name.

One of the group’s famous song “Jambo Bwana” recorded in 1980 propelled them to great heights earning them international acclamation. The song became a signature tune for tourism marketing making it even more popular.

Ricky Na Marafiki on the other hand consists of Ricky Nanjero, Steve Munge, Mike Okinyi and Sam Konzi. The Band was founded in 2010 and plays Afro-Jazz tunes with a heavy blend of traditional African music. They released their first album “Tucheze” in 2011 and Second album “So Simple” in 2015.

Kwame is a Kenyan artist, songwriter, and singer. His style of music is a collection of acapella harmonies and fuses Soul with African Rhythm. He released his debut single “Mola”. In 2009, and has remained a relevant figure, he worked on a collaborative project with other artists on ‘Majuto’ a song that was part of a campaign to achieve good health in Kenya. Kwame’s latest single ‘Aki Wewe’ was released in 2015.

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