Meet multitalented Tanzanian artist Nadir Tharani

An architect, visual artist and a writer, Nadir Tharani is a man of many cloaks.

As artist nadir is a printmaker and a painter. He started art while in school and advanced his skilled even as he studied as an architect. Nadir has mastered these skills in the best of ways satisfying each craft in the most brilliant of ways.

Born in Tanzania before its independence, Nadir body work speaks volumes about the growth of the society. It is not just a documentation of history per se, but the dynamism surrounding the growth of the society. He fences around the history imbued in text by touching on the social economic development of the people. His subjects touch on psychological and emotional torture, war, poverty, environmental destruction, widespread detention, wars, persistent life of terror and uncertainty among other vices that history chooses to ignore. 

It is hard to pin him on a particular theme for as an architect, he has dynamism of thought and as a writer he swims through creativity. Nadir body of work has been exhibited in various countries such as Kenya, UK, Germany, Denmark, Finland. He has worked in a number of countries on architectural installations like in the UK and India. 

Nadir also writes and illustrates children books. 

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