Mercedes Benz unveils e-Truck prototype

The prototype truck which will weigh 26 tonnes was unveiled by the German manufacturer and Daimler Trucks.

The prototype truck called Urban etruck is derived from the three axle Mercedes Benz truck that handles short-distance deliveries. 

The ruck, with a maximum range of 200km, contains three lithium-ion battery modules with an electric rear axle with the Mercedes Benz Citaro Hybrid bus mechanism. The two entities plan to start production of the truck by early 2020s.

Various manufacturers are keen to switch to electric models, especially for delivering goods. Elon Musk recently revealed Tesla plans to start making electric-tractor trailers. The main challenge for manufactures has been the cost but as it seems they either join the trend or fallout.

Mercedes and Daimler have been conducting tests on the electric light-duty models and as it seems all is well.

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